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PR: “Different sectors call on police to exercise restraint as imminent clearance looms large”

Civil Society – News      2014/12/09

“Different sectors call on police to exercise restraint as imminent clearance looms large”In the more than two months since the Occupy Movement started, occupiers have braced the wind and withstood the rain to camp out on the streets. They do so not for their own private gain but for a better future for Hong Kong.  

Political issues should be solved using political means but the Leung Chun-ying government has ignored the people’s demands for democracy. Instead, it has fallen on the police to resolve the issue of the protesters’ occupation of the roads. In these two months we have seen some frontline police officers losing control and using excessive force in attacking protesters and even passers-by, causing deliberate harm to their bodies. Not only does this fail to solve the problem, but it inflames public anger and further tightens an already tight knot. 

In the face of the imminent clearance of Adirmalty, we urge: 

  • All members of the Legislative Council to carry out their duties in monitoring the government on behalf of the people, and to prevent the police from using violence again.

  • Members of the Independent Police Complaints Council to carry out their duties and monitor the clearance on site to ensure all protesters are treated in a reasonable manner and police do not use excessive force.

  • Police officers to remain calm and restrained and not hurt the innocent. In arresting those who have committed offences, officers should not resort to the use of extra-legal punishment.

  • Protesters to abide by the principles of peace and non-violence, to remember the original intention and avoid greater conflict.

  • The Chief Executive to respond to the occupiers demands, to speak in the clearest terms possible that they must not repeat their mistake of using excessive violence and destroying the hard-fought for professional image of the police force.


    9th December 2014


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