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Leading 20-min Management Activities for Team Effectiveness - Experiential Learning in Team

NGO Management – Courses      2019/01/29

如何帶領20分鐘的團隊反思活動 - 以體驗學習提升團隊能力

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Leading 20-min Management Activities for Team Effectiveness 
- Experiential Learning in Team
如何帶領20分鐘的團隊反思活動 - 以體驗學習提升團隊能力

Management activities or experiential refreshers are often used to stimulate or energize people to reflect on some key issues related to their work effectiveness. This workshop is aimed at providing participants with the practical concepts of experiential learning and the guidelines of around ten 20-min activities in various management areas such as collaboration, communication, planning, problem solving and motivation. Through hands-on experience and focused reflection, participants can expand their knowledge base, develop skills and develop team’s capacity to improve their work effectiveness.

• Understand the essence of experiential learning and how to use it at work
• How to lead experiential or reflective activities during daily work schedule
• Know around 10 reflective activities which are related to management / leadership areas (such as collaboration, communication, planning, problem solving and motivation) and can be done within 20 minutes 
• Grasp the tricks in leading reflective activities at work by role play

Course Details
Course Code: 18B-23
Date: 29 January 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 0930 – 1700 (6 hours)
Venue: Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Target Participants: Managers / Supervisors and Team Leaders who want to improve the skills in leading experiential or reflective activities in their workplace

Class Size: 30
Language: Cantonese (supplemented with English)

Fee: $1,090 
$1,010 (Fees for HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)
Early Bird Fee: $920 (Payment received on/before 8 January 2019 for HKCSS Agency Member Staff Only)

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Dr Johnny Wan 溫振昌博士
Management Consultant
Wisharp Consulting Limited


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【明《易經》 悟出以變應變途徑】

 《易經》被視為中國群經之首,是中國歷代帝王、智者學習的經典。早於17世紀《易經》就已被介紹到西方,書名為「The Book of Changes」。在過去二、三十年間,有不少學者提出把《易經》應用在管理上,在香港,有院校更把它放在EMBA課程內,開辦了《易經》與領導一科。





















*以上課程獲「小型機構能力發展津貼計劃」資助,符合資格的小型非資助社福機構職員,如於2019年1月8日或之前成功申請可以二折學費 #報讀,每個課程名額為 5 個。

# 關於「小型機構能力發展津貼計劃」資助條件:凡申請者工作之機構年度經常開支少於一千萬港元,成功申請者可獲八成學費資助,即以二折學費報讀課程。










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