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會議議程及紀錄 公眾參與及伙伴常設委員會

日期: February 16, 2017
時間: 4:00 –5:30 pm
地點: Room 203, Duke of Windsor Social Service Bldg


1. Endorsement of minutes of the last meeting held on Dec 5, 2016 (Appendix 1)

2. Matter Arising 

3. Discussion 

3.1 Proposed Strategic Objectives for 2017-22 and follow up of Extended Governance Meeting (Appendix 2) 

        3.2 Highlight of agenda to be pursued by PEP in Year 2017/18

                a. Employment of PwD

                b. Promoting aged friendly society

                c. Barrier free accessibility  

        3.3 Highlight of coming key corporate funding 

                a. HSBC Community Partnership Fund

                b. LINK CCEP 

        3.4 Proposed theme for 2nd HKCSS Convention in Nov 

4. Progress Report

        4.1 Caring Company Scheme

        4.2 WiseGiving

        4.3 Corporate Communication  

5. Any other business 

6. Date of Next Meeting 


Present  :      

Ms Cheung Wing Suet, Wendy (St. James' Settlement) – Chairperson

Ms Amarantha Yip Yun Wan (Hong Kong Family Welfare Society) – Vice Chairperson

Ms Leung Shuk Yee, Irene (Senior Citizen Home Safety Association)

Ms Ting Suk Yee, Regina (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council)

Ms Wong May Kwan, May (Hans Andersen Club)

Ms Yeung Pin Mui, Maggie (Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association)

Apologize :     

Ms Chau Shuk King, Kitty (Christian Family Service Centre)

Mr Stephen WONG (Caritas)

Ms Wong Wan, Winnie (Hong Kong Red Cross)

Mr Yuen Siu Lam (HK Alliance of Patients' Organizations Limited)

Ms Chan Ka Po, Judy (The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd.)

Ms Yuen Kwai Fong, Daisy (MTR Corporation Ltd.)

 Mr Orr Ka Yeung, Kevin (Winner Medical (Hong Kong) Ltd.)

 Mr Szeto Kwong Chiu, Ralph (CMRS Digital Solutions Ltd.)                       

In attendance:

Mr Cliff Choi (Business Director, PEP, HKCSS)

Ms Christine Kwan (Senior Manager, WiseGiving)

Mr Eddie Tsang (Senior Manager, Corporate Communciations)

Ms Wendy Luk (Senior Manager, Caring Company Scheme)

Mr Keevin Poon (Programme Manager, Caring Company Schememe)


1.          Endorsement of minutes of the last meeting 

The minutes of the last meeting held on December 5, 2016 were adopted. 

2.          Discussion

2.1      Proposed Strategic Objectives for 2017-22 and follow up of Extended Governance Meeting

Cliff provided a brief introduction on the proposed strategic objectives for 2017-22, as well as its critical issues and Key tasks for 2017-18:

  • There were 4 main objectives, including 1. Set social agenda and advocate for policy and service response and change actions, 2. Promote innovation, technology and IT application in social services, 3. Enhance capacity of the sector to become a responsive, accountable, effective and engaging platform for social change, and 4. Strengthen the capacity and build a clear image of the Council.
  • 4 critical issues, including 1. The New government leadership and new LegoCo members providing opportunities and challenges for policy advocacy, 2. Opportunities to review and set new planning and services, eg. ESPP, RPP, Child care services consultation study, 3. Review and consultation on key policy issues, e.g. Lump Sum Grant, retirement protection – MPF, and 4. New initiatives providing new opportunities for service development and policy advocacy. 

Suggestions from Committee

  • Members mentioned that corporate partners always looking for innovation, such as new idea, new thing, etc., it could be an opportunity for NGO in developing more innovative partnership.
  • In order to promote innovation, technology and IT application in social services successfully, we have to find a way to change the mindset of social service sector personnel to explore more on innovations for transforming better service models.
  • Members also mentioned that academics are interested in conducting research related to social agenda and innovation, such as how to use technology to minimize the workload of frontline health workers, as well as to provide better experiences for service recipients. They could become potential partners of NGOs to support the development of innovation. Besides, Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies could be considered. 

2.2      Highlight of agenda to be pursued by PEP in Year 2017/18

  • Cliff reported a few updates of some project ideas:

a. Employment of PwD

    • In view of limited working opportunities for the gradate SEN students from post-secondary and undergraduate institutes, HKCSS plans to initiate a pre-employment project aiming to help SEN students transition from universities to work.
    • This project could be a platform for students and employers, and create pre-employment opportunities for the students, while exposing employers to the untapped resources that qualified for disabled talents.  

b. Promoting aged friendly society

    • HKCSS intends to submit a proposal to some private donors or foundations who are interested in supporting Sliver Volunteering, it aims to create a self-help / supporting platform instead of an one-off project, for all parties including volunteers, NGOs and companies to facilitate communication and information flow in volunteering. HKCSS will liaise with NGOs and Business sector upon project confirmation.
    • Members suggested that the business models of Social Enterprise(SE) could be considered for this project, e.g. “Happy Retired”(樂活新中年), all stakeholders will be able to benefit , especially for the retired volunteers , who could get basic salary to support living expenses. 

c. Barrier free accessibility

    • There was a potential collaboration between HKCSS and Link in promoting Barrier-free and Age-friendly environment, Link is interested to echo on community needs by further enhancing their barrier-free facilities within their shopping malls and to better utilize space that is idle. Members suggested that focusing on barrier-free or age-friendly would be too narrow, and suggested wider themes such as Family-friendly, child-friendly, youth-friendly, etc, to create an intergeneration environment. Some European countries have well adapted inclusive element in outdoor facilities which should be a good reference for Hong Kong.
    • Adopting user participation approach would be helpful for its sustainability and better engagement with the community. Could take reference to the project “MTR Society Link”
    • This project should be a mission for Link to demonstrate how they advocate inclusive environment and culture to other property owners and operators in property development and management. 

2.3      Highlight of upcoming key corporate funding for community projects

a. HSBC Community Partnership Programme

    • HSBC suggested scale-up the “HSBC Community Festival” by expanding the signature event to a few districts in addition to Chater Road.
    • Members concerned that it was a challenge for NGOs to allocate resources in supporting the event at Chater Road as well as the district event. It was suggested to choose either of the two events.  

b. LINK Charity Community Engagement Programme (CCEP) 2016/17

    • Link CCEP has switched its strategy to focus on projects creating significant impact for society. The three main themes under this project included 1.Youth Empowerment, 2. Active ageing (extended from barrier-free accessibility), 3. Resources management. A briefing session has been arranged in late March. 

2.4      Proposed theme for 2nd HKCSS Convention in Nov

  • The HKCSS Convention will be held on Nov 1, 2017 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) with the theme “Innovation and Future Society”, and the Chief Executive of HKSAR Government would be invited as officiating guest for the event.
  • The identification of relevant topics aligning to the theme of the Convention is in progress. 

Suggestions from Committee

  • Members agreed the main theme of convention, but reminded that the topics should be closely related to livelihood issues or problems, and appropriate to the Hong Kong Context.
  • The artificial intelligence(AI) online help desk has been well used at business sectors for handing online customer services in recent years. It worth to explore the possibility to using the technology for social service.
  • Some topics were suggested, e.g. How to make use of Big Data? How to apply Big Data in health and social services? How to adopt new technologies in Household design to provide better Living environment, or to achieve age-friendly living environment to be preparing for aging society.
  • The Jockey Club Community eHealth Care Project(賽馬會e健樂電子健康管理計劃) should be a good reference in adopting Big Data for social service. 

3.          Progress Report 

3.1      Caring Company Scheme

  • The Caring Company Partnership Expo and Award Presentation Ceremony will be held on March 10, 2017 at HKCEC Hall 1AB and Bauhinia Room respectively.
  • More than 3400 companies and organisations will be awarded the Caring Company Logo and Caring Organisation Logo, 831 of them has been supporting CSR for over 10 years.
  • There would be 115 companies and organisations awarded first-time as awardees of the 15+ Caring Company Logo, representing around 3% of the total number of awardees.
  • The number of SMEs awardees has reached over 50% of the total awardees.
  • A study visit on Sustainable Development and Corporate Community investment in Japan would be held from 21 to 24 March, it aims to help inspiring more talents of NGOS in HK on sustainability through it, and also help them to transform the ideas to work with business partners in HK. The delegation would include 10 members, 6 NGO representatives, 2 company representatives and 2 staffs. 

3.2      WiseGiving

The Elder Care Angels

  • The Elder Care Angels is launched. It aims to create a support platform for frontline workers from health care services to facilitate them in dealing with work stress.
  • Around 470 frontline workers were nominated by 110 organisations, most of them are newcomers in this industry with 1-2 year experience.
  • Nearly 30% of the workers aged under 25, 30% aged between 26-35, and 30% aged 36-40. 

Short Movies

  • Due to the overwhelming response to the microfilm series - “Grateful That You Care” with more than 10000 followers at it facebook page, HKCSS decided to cooperate with other movie directors to produce a new series of microfilms on themes such as housing issue and services for the elderly.
  • The existing microfilms will be available on the in-flight entertainment of Cathay Pacific Airways and Cathay Dragon commencing from Feb 2017 onwards. 

3.3      Corporate Communications

  • HKCSS facebook page has hosted a total of 12000+ fans since it was launched. It's time to leverage the followers’ network to further promote social agenda and issues.
  • In light of the increasing number of requests on video production from NGOs, HKCSS plan to adopt a business model for “HKCSS Channel”.  Details to be reported. 

4.          Any other business

4.1      Disclosure on the salary of top-tier management staff

  • Members shared about their practices of agencies on the disclosure and the handling of media enquiries about the subject. 

5.          Date of next meeting

Next meeting was scheduled on June 2, 2017 at 4pm.